Illustrator Turns His Son’s Doodles into Jaw-Dropping Anime Characters

Anime is a combination of both illustration and cinematography, a sophisticated form of art that many times features fast-paced action scenes and precise movements of machines and objects. However, when some early sketches of character concepts are released, it looks like something simple to execute, and it’s always great to see some artists coming up with fantastic anime character designs, and then they are taken to another level with the animation process.

From these early sketches, French artist, Thomas Romain has created an exciting project as he draws terrific anime-style art out of his sons’ doodles. Thomas lives and works as an animator in Tokyo, and he has already been involved in famous anime series such as Basquash!, Aria, Symphogear, and Space Dandy.

However, the best thing about these doodle-evolutions is that he has created a very distinguishable style together with his son. We could imagine many of the characters combined into a series, as though the artworks are ranging from fantasy to steampunk and sci-fi, we have already seen titles which successfully combined the different genres, such as the last season favorite Knight's & Magic.

Without further ado, check out these amazing anime-style character artworks!

A blood-fiend of bone and flesh

Back to the (Post-Apocaliptic) Future 

The King of the Forest

A mecha with ear-wings


A mummy-imp

A bird-creature that captures and enslaver wanderers in the wast land of bones

A cyborg turned against his own kind

A long forgotten robot in the swampy marshlands

The jewel knights

A two-faced skeletal demon

The warrior-embodiment of the Sun

A samurai girl passing through traps

An eternal paladin


A bug doctor offering healing concoctions 

In the bazaar, browsing enchanted fabrics for a magic cape

Some friendly inhabitants of the magical forest

The Steam Destroyer

Thomas's and his son's take on D&D's classical evil character, the Beholder

K-3 Keisan

Sand Golem

Killer Orb

As you can see we had great fun naming these characters and we already have a plot coming together in our mind on how they would be connected and fit into a great anime series. 

Does any of these sketches remind you of your favorite series and characters, or do you also have some story ideas? Let us know in the comments! Also if you enjoy crossovers, make sure to check out this excellent take on The Fith Element's most memorable scenes in 90s-style anime art direction by Ahriman.

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