Captain America: Civil War Meets The Idolmaster

If you are obsessed with anime that doesn't mean you can't be a fan of superheroes as well. Marvel and DC have many great titles that lovers of the genre hope to get reimagined as anime, and recently some of their prayers seem to be heard as series like the promising Batman Ninja is indeed getting into production.

Another excellent example of how some of these Hollywood blockbusters could be redone as great anime movies are Japanese artist, Bin1 Production's Avengers crossover.

Bin1 Production posted the characters from Captain America: Civil War on their Twitter account, but instead of depicting them as muscular males with superhuman strength, they got replaced by the girls from Namco Bandai’s The Idolmaster.

Bin1 Production even took the effort to place them in front of backgrounds from the original movie that gave an extra twist to the already excellent crossover and also created a trailer video.

What do you think about these artworks? Do you think it would be awesome to see some superhero movies reimagined as anime? Also if you have enjoyed these artworks, make sure to check out this awesome take on The Fith Element's most memorable scenes in 90s-style anime art direction by Ahriman.

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