Soma’s fans, give some noise as Shokugeki no Soma: The Third Plate returns with its latest episode in April. Readers of the manga will be familiar with the development of the plot in this new “Totsuki Ressha”, or Totsuki Train arc. The episodes are part of the larger “Promotion Exams Arc ”, as it was announced via the official Twitter account.

Plot summary:

Though the first year students are on their way to Hokkaido and are excited to take their promotion exams, boulders of almost unrealistic expectations and handicaps are placed in the way of Soma and his friends by Central. As part of the challenge, they are separated from the rest of the students and marked as “rebellious pupils” they are traveling in a different train and forced into shokugeki with the Elite Ten. Will they be able to take their exams and avoid being expelled?

Great news that J.C Staff's production team and cast from the first two series will return for the third installment, therefore it will be absolutely sure, that the latest series will feature the same high-quality art direction, with mouthwatering dishes prepared by Soma and the dorm. Prepare for being hungry and seeing many clothes, ripped apart by the rich taste and fragrance of these young heroes.