The Karakuri Circus Manga by Ushio to Tora’s Creator Gets an Anime Adaptation

The first visual of the anime series got revealed on both Karakuri Circus's official website and Twitter account.

Shogakukan’s Shounen Sunday announced this Wednesday that Kazuhiro Fujita’s Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri) manga is getting an anime adaptation. The first visual of the anime series got posted on both Karakuri Circus’s official website and Twitter account.

Kazuhiro Fujita has also expressed his joy and excitement on the news via a series of tweets, featuring character sketches.

“‘Karakuri Circus’ will become an anime! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”

“I have thought this would never be possible. But ‘Never’ does not necessarily mean true.”

“The credit goes to all the readers who have quietly supported ‘Karakuri Circus’ for so long. Thank you! I am extremely happy!”

Plot summary:

The Zonapha Syndrome is a rare disease that stops the patient’s breathing unless he makes others laugh. Katou Narumi works as a clown as he suffers from this strange illness, but he has a hard time to make others laugh as his jokes are not funny. However, his troubled life changes when he makes Saiga Masaru, a boy with a fortune inherited from his father. It turns out that somebody wants Masaru dead and Narumi needs to protect the boy from puppet master assassins. Soon after they meet Shirogane, who also controls a puppet and claims she got sent from France by Masaru’s late grandfather to protect the boy. Who would want Masaru dead to take his wealth? We will find out soon for sure!

Kazuhiro Fujita’s first manga, Ushio to Tora was also a great read and it had a similarly enjoyable anime adaptation. Also, it was among the top mangas Japanese fans want to see as an anime adaptation in Anime Anime!’s 2017 poll. Therefore we are quite excited about Karakuri Circus as well. What are your thoughts on the news, have you read the manga yet?

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