Netflix Partners with Production I.G. and Bones

On the 31st of January, Netflix Japan announced that they made a business partnership with Production I.G, and Bones anime studios. The partnership's exact details were not shared, but Netflix plans to co-produce anime episodes with each, Production I.G. including Wit Studio, and Bones, and stream all over the world, 190 countries, on their online streaming network.

For Netflix, the alliance is to produce and convey high-quality anime and also to reinforce its animation lineup. For anime producers, creators, the partnership will enable them to reach fans living outside Japan through Netflix's global platform streaming. Finally, Netflix members, it will provide them high-quality anime works from Japan through a professional service, without getting the language, or cultural barrier.

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, the president, and CEO of Production I.G, commented as follows:

"It is really grateful for creators engaging in anime that high-quality contents from Japan will reach to people watching Netflix all over the world and enjoy them. I will exert myself to produce contents that will entertain people regardless of the language."

Masahiko Minami, the president of Bones, commented as follows:

"I feel this alliance that enables us to stream works to watchers all over the world has great meaning to my company's creators. Working with Netflix, I want to produce good works that will make an impression on many people, regardless of nationality and age, and keep on entertaining people for many years."

Robert Roy, the vice president of Netflix, commented as follows:

"Japan's anime has got high reputation about its unique visual impact and the depth of story from fans from all over the world. This time, I am really glad that making an alliance with I.G. and Bones lets us be involved in from the produce of anime works to stream them. It would be grateful if Netflix can contribute to the development of Japan's anime culture, besides it, global streaming beyond countries and languages."

Production I.G has been producing The Ancient Magus' Bride, aka Mahoutsukai no Yome that started airing from October 2017 while Bones has produced the first and second season of My Hero Academia anime series. The third season will be aired April 2018. (We recommend reading our comprehensive list these and other great anime studios if interested!)

This partnership seems to be a "win-win-win" relationship for all parties on Netflix, and we can't wait for what kind of releases will be added to Netflix's already wide selection in the future.

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