Michael B. Jordan Gets Flamed for Loving Mainstream Anime on Twitter

If someone gets asked who is one of the coolest actors in Hollywood currently, probably Michael B. Jordan comes up among the names. He got pretty popular recently thanks to his Killmonger role in Black Panther. Also, he openly states his parents live with him (or it is the opposite) and that he is a big-time anime addict.

Well, the fans are praising most of these personal details shared, except for the last one, his obsession with only mainstream anime series and his taste for the titles he mentions on his Twitter account. Supporting only the popular ones like Goku and Naruto got some anime fans pissed, while others try to test his knowledge of the titles he mentions, such as One Punch Man and Bleach.

Jordan even mentions in a past Oprah show interview that he is obsessed with anime and that he spends his free time binge-watching new series.

As anime is more popular than ever and celebrities come out as addicts of the genre, Jordan is not the only one, for example, Lil Uzi is also a die-hard Naruto fan. He even got contact lenses made that turns his eyes into Sharingan.

With online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu on board to promote anime, these are probably not the last occasions to see celebrities opening up about their passion for anime.

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