Kim Kardashian’s Zero Two Inspired Hair Color and the Questions It Raises

Just a couple of days ago, the internet found out on Twitter that Kim Kardashian is a die-hard anime fan (*hic) and the 7th season of her husband's hyped Yeezy clothing line got inspired by anime series. Of course, fans gave voice to their view on the topic, and there were both positive, but mostly disapproving and challenging comments on Kim's anime obsession.

Though some anime fans would have thought this is the end of the story, Kim shared even more details on her taste and the actual series that inspired her pink hairstyle and outfit. And while most of us would have thought that she is going to name a well-known title underlining her shallow knowledge of the genre, otaku couldn't be further away from the truth.

It turned out the source of inspiration was Zero Two (artwork by 未来へ), from the currently airing Darling in the Fraxx. Well, those who watch the series know the plot features teens driving mechas doggy-style...

My hair inspo

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What does that mean? Is Kim secretly simulating seasonal titles, especially ones with scenes like this? Does she get inspired by them and introduce some cosplay into their private life with Kanye? Well, we can try to forget this last part, but for sure even the most skeptic fans of the anime would appreciate her in a scarlet latex suit.

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