Gucci Brings Anime to the Catwalk

Fashion is no stranger when it comes to anime collaborations, enough if we think about some streetwear names like BAPE (the recent BAPE x Adidas sneaker collaboration) and Supreme (Akira). However, it is more unusual if anime appears on the catwalk in the repertoire of high fashion.

Still, that’s the case with Gucci’s latest collection, were not just severed heads and face masks serve as accessories, but some anime references made it into their lineup as well. Of course, this got both fans of the fashion house and the anime genre excited.

According to Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, the main inspiration of the collection was Donna Haraway’s 1984 “A Cyborg Manifesto” essay. No surprise then, that the show was featuring granny-style pieces, ’80s geek-girl aesthetics, masks and heads carried like bags. This manga motif sweater was probably Marie Antoinette from The Rose of Versailles.

Anime has already appeared a couple of times in fashion shows, and presentations, Comme des Garçons (their show was inspired by Makoto Takahashi’s work), Louis Vuitton (that awesome FF collaboration), and Victorias Secret have all taken leaves out of its book.

What do you think about anime getting attention and being featured by high fashion houses and streetwear brands?

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