Dragon Ball Has Turned 32 This Year!

Sure, time flies fast! Dragon Ball turned 32 years old this year, and that makes us both happy to see such a lasting and memorable anime cherished by older and your generations alike, also a bit sad for fans who realize they got old hand-in-hand with their favorite.

Dragon Ball in a cult anime that has introduced a whole generation to the genre and is highly acclaimed and popular even in western countries. The first arc of the anime got released in 1986, and we can still remember the excitement as we waited for new episodes on Goku’s and Bulma’s adventure to collect all of the Dragon Balls, which will make a wish come true.

For western fans, Dragon Ball Z was even more appealing with fast-paced action and violent fights that set the cornerstone for many other series feeding on the inspiration of the cult anime. Enemies turned friends, heroes fighting for justice and saving their funny and clumsy sidekicks became all staple scenes thanks to Dragon Ball.

Check out some fan reactions on Twitter and let us know how you celebrate the Dragon Ball’s 32nd birthday!

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