The 10 Most Popular Romantic Encounters to Meet Your Future Partner According to Japanese Women

Grab your pen and take some notes, guys!

Have you ever wondered how you'd meet your future partner? What kind of situations did you imagine? Well, sometimes the opportunity comes-and-goes without you even realizing it. Therefore Waku Waku Communications conducted a web questionnaire survey asking a thousand single women between 25-39 to tell about their ideal fateful first meeting with a romantic partner!

Probably you would think there were some extreme situations, so you are going to be surprised how simple encounters can be as exciting and romantic, as events based on movies (that probably have a high chance of never happening). Read on to find out the results of the survey.

10. During a baseball match, the batter hits a home run and as you stand up, you high-five with a handsome man right next to you

9. A handsome neighbor helps you light the fire at a BBQ party

8. At a bar, the waiter suddenly brings you a drink and tells “It’s from that gentleman sitting over there."

7. A drunk and violent man starts to bother you, but a nice gentleman suddenly appears and saves you!

6. As an adult, you get reunited with your junior high school crush

5. You slip while walking up the stairs but a handsome guy catches you

4. A nice man moves right next door in your apartment complex

3. While taking off a book from the shelf in a bookstore, your hand meets with a handsome stranger's

2. A nice man helps you put your luggage on the overhead rack

1. You get coincidentally reunited with a lovely man at a sightseeing spot who you were sitting next to on the same plate

Don't forget these are ideal scenarios resembling some familiar romantic anime scenes and these women are probably not expecting to meet their partner in anime style, but of course, they would be quite happy if they would meet their partner this way.

Have you been in any of these scenarios? Let us know in the comments below!

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