The Top 25 Anime Characters Japanese Fans Would Rather Die Than Marry

Well, we can't agree more with #1!

There are some female anime characters fans have a love and hate (but mostly hate or annoyance) relationship with. They are rude, noisy, extremely demanding, crybabies, whiny, bossy and in general: annoying. Though it would seem like our favorite series would do better without their presence, these characters, like tsundere, are an essential part of the overall entertainment and some hilarious scenes wouldn’t be the same without them. Still, we can’t imagine them as our waifus and would rather die than marry them, thanks to their unbearable personalities.

To find out which female characters fall into this category, Goo Ranking hosted a poll and asked the fans to vote for the most annoying anime girls.

Now it’s time to check out the results and see which anime heroines have a worse-than-death personality!

25. Orihime Inoue (Bleach) – Tie

25. Yukiji Katsura (Hayate the Combat Butler!) – Tie

24. Mahiru Inami (Working!!)

23. Nyaruko (Nyaruko-san) – Tie

23. Akane Tendo (Ranma ½) – Tie

22. Akira Yoshii (Baka and Test)

21. Kaoru Kamiya (Rurouni Kenshin)