The Real Life Locations from ‘Kimi no Na wa’ (Your Name)

You won't believe #6 is an existing place!

6. Aogashima Island (Tokyo)

A volcanic island located in the south of Hachijojima. This island is Mitsuha’s hometown and an essential part of Itomori town in the movie.

7. Hida-Furukawa Station (Gifu)

Hida Furukawa Station is located in Gifu. It gets featured in the movie when Taki and his friends are traveling to Mitsuha’s hometown, Itomori.

8. Hida-Sannogu Hie Shrine (Gifu)

This location is the Miyamizu Shrine in Gifu, from the scene where Mitsuha performs a Japanese traditional dance with her little sister.

9. Lake Suwa (Nagano)

The large lake in Nagano Prefecture, the neighboring prefecture of Gifu. Mitsuha’s hometown and the place where Mitsuha and Taki learned the truth.

10. The Ochiai bus station (Gifu)

The Ochiai bus station located nearby the Hida-Furukawa town.