The 20 Most Intelligent Anime Characters According to Japanese Fans

#1 and #3 are rivals, can you guess, who they are?

Ever wondered who the most intelligent anime characters are? Well, you are not alone! In this list by Goo Ranking, Japanese fans voted on their favorites for the title of the smartest characters from Weekly Shonen Jump. There are countless genius anime protagonists, and you can find not just scientists, but detectives, doctors, and maniacs among them as well.

Read on to find out which characters climbed their way into the top three!

20. Dr. Mashirito (Dr. Slump)

19. Dr. Brief (Dragon Ball)

18. Yoichi Hiruma (Eyeshield 21)

17. Dr. Vegapunk (One Piece)

16. Baka Ki El Dogra (Level E)