The 10 Phases of Watching Anime

How many of these stages are you familiar with?

Watching anime is like going through phases. It is a ceremony that ends after the last episode but starts again right after the closing scene. Would you like to know how it looks like? We bet you are going to find your approach quite similar to a couple of these stages.

1. An overload from all the different titles to choose from

The vast amount of anime listed by MAL is a bit overwhelming, even if you know the genre you are looking for.

2. Going back and forth between a couple of final selects for a couple of hours

Reading spoiler-free reviews and fan ratings, checking out a couple of short videos and maybe listen to the OP-s as well, watching anime brings many considerations to take into account. However, you finally decide the next title on your ever-growing list hoping that you’ve made the right choice.