The 10 Most-Awaited Light Novel Anime Adaptations

#3 is an all-time staff favorite!

Not just manga, but light novel anime adaptations are also something many fans look forward to. Some top-rated titles became the base of highly-acclaimed anime series in the history of the industry.

If you have just gotten familiar with light novels, anime or both, it might come handy to check out this list of 10 anime adaptations, based on the poll of popular Japanese ranking and news site, Anime! Anime!. In their survey fans voted for their favorite anime adaptations from a pool of 20 popular light novels, produced till 2016. The readers could choose only a single title, and the survey resulted in more than 2500 votes with an almost equal split between male and female fans.

Read on to find out the most awaited anime adaptations voted by Japanese fans!

10. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

9. A Certain Magical Index

8. Humanity Has Declined

7. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

6. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!