10 Outrageous Anime Series You’ve Never Heard (and You Won’t Believe They Exist)

#2 is the ultimate panty-shot ecchi ride!

We don’t want to spoil the fun, so just read through as these anime series are so over-the-top, they will surprise you even if you consider yourself a hardcore gag or ecchi anime-lover. Enjoy these ridiculous series.

10. Akikan!

Akikan!, the ecchi magical girl anime series is about soda drinks that can turn into girls who fight with each other. Kakeru Daichi, the protagonist of this crazy show, collects cans, and when one precious piece of his collection turns into one of the Akikans, he learns that these girl-cans exist to fight each other as a part of an experiment to decide the ultimate question: aluminum or steel?

9. Manyuu Hikenchou

The more significant, the better, breasts are considered the ultimate social status sign. Wealth, power and all aspects of society are connected to them. The crazy twist of the series is that women can even steal them from each other with their swords. Chifusa, the protagonist of the story gets fed up with this breast-obsessed society, and by her inherited technique from the ancient clan, she is the successor of, she starts to go against this cruel law.