The 20 Most Popular Anime Police Officer Characters Ranked by Japanese Fans

#1 will never know when to give up!

Police officers are well-respected authorities in Japan and are pictured similarly in anime as well. These anime police officer characters are the ones protecting personal property, keeping justice, fortifying the law and maintaining order in busy cities and small villages alike.

Police officers carry out their duty as protectors of citizens, patrol the streets, help those in danger and investigate crime scenes to keep their area safe from gangs and underworld organizations. However, Japanese police officers don’t need to face a threat all the time, their daily work involves simple tasks, like finding lost objects, giving directions and helping elderly as well, making them more universally reliable than in western countries.

Investigation and police anime are exciting as the characters in the series are well developed, with a strong sense of justice, but are fun as well at the same time. They are willing to bend the law sometimes, and never afraid to get into a good old-fashioned car chasing or fist-fight to serve justice. Also, we can’t have enough of those well-known good-cop-bad-cop gags, a must-have element of any great anime of the genre.

Police officers and detectives can be both main and supporting characters, so even if an anime is not entirely about how law enforcement works, these characters spice up the plot with some fun elements of the genre. Therefore to find out who are the best police officers in anime, Japanese website Charapedia asked their fans to vote for the top cops of their favorite anime and manga.

Now let’s see which characters are the most popular law enforcers according to Japanese fans!

20. Ninzaburo Shiratori (Detective Conan)

19. Ukyo Sugishita (Aibou)

18. Saeko Nogami (City Hunter)

17. Jinpei Matsuda (Detective Conan)

16. Naomasa Tsukauchi (Boku no Hero Academia)