The 10 Most Enjoyable Summer 2017 Anime Voted by Japanese Fans

#1 is so funny it'll have you split your sides!

Summer is still as warm as when it started, but the season is already getting to its climax. Therefore if cooling down at the beach is out of reach, staying in an air-conditioned room and binge-watching the summer 2017 season’s most popular anime series is a great alternative.

In case you’re wondering which anime was the most entertaining in the summer 2017 season, Anime! Anime! line up the ten most enjoyed anime titles according to Japanese fans. The poll collected votes from 709 members of the website’s community, and there were both exciting originals and long-awaited sequels among the listed anime series.

Read on to find out which were the top 10 most enjoyable anime series this summer 2017 season!

10. Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu

9. Knight’s & Magic

8. Restaurant to Another World

7. Princess Principal

6. Fate/Apocrypha