8 Hollywood Movies Inspired by Anime

These similarities will blow your mind!

6. Lion King – Kimba the White Lion

There are no better examples of a rip-off that became a cult movie in the west, than the Lion King. An adorable story of a young lion going through hardships to be recognized by his family and growing up to be the king of all animals. We might have seen this story somewhere before. Well, it is naturally quite familiar, as though the animator, Tom Sito and the whole team behind the Lion King deny the truth, but their classic was based on Kimba the White Lion. There are many memes already on this topic, even screen-by-screen comparisons of the plot, so there is no need to deny the fact. Scar and Claw are the best examples of that fact.

Short pitch:

Kimba (aka Leo) was born among humans and therefore has learned the way they behave. When finally returning to his original home, Africa, he wants to find his origins and live among the animals as a kind king, that brings peace not just among animals, but with humans as well. A heartwarming classic, that was also the very first full-color anime to air on TV.

5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Well, Atlantis is not a direct adaptation of Nadia, and the plot itself comes from Jules Verne’s classic, ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. Still, there are way too many similarities between the two, especially the ones that were not even included in the book. The characters are also very alike, even the way they behave and act. Though similar to the Lion King, the team behind Atlantis has denied any direct inspiration from Nadia, but as the Disney has lots of die-hard anime fans, it is no surprise that Disney takes many leaves from anime’s books.

Short pitch:

Az the end of the 19th century the significant discoveries and technological inventions helped humanity to reach new horizons high and low. Of course, evil never sleeps. Nadia and a team of enthusiastic explorers on the board of the Nautilus fight to protect the world from Gargoyle, to restore the Atlantean empire and take over the world.