10 Hilariously Dumb Ways to Die in Anime

#2 is so ridiculously clumsy!

Death knocks on the doors of anime characters quite often, and the means of dying goes hand-in-hand with blood getting spilled on many occasions. In fact, almost every kind of anime death from the most horrific and dramatic, to the dumbest got carried out in one or the other of the series.

Though passing away is not something to joke with, many times you can find funny or lame ways, how anime characters die. These ten deaths are especially dumb and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Disclaimer: Due to the content of this article, some readers can find images disturbing or gruesome.

Read on to find out which are the 10 most ridiculous anime deaths!

10. Falling on your umbrella

Tripping and falling are a never-ending source of unlucky and dumb death scenes and this one from Another is especially a morbid one. What’s the chance for falling right into your umbrella that points precisely at your throat? But as you know in an anime, nothing is impossible.

9. The super poke

Fist of the North Star takes dying from explosions to a whole different level as the head poke literally turns the victims’ head into ticking bombs that burst in any second. Who would have thought that pointing is not just rude but dangerous as well?