20 Emotional Anime Japanese Fans Shed Tears For

Nobody's going to judge you if you cry on any of these titles.

Well, not all anime stories come to a happy ending, and some heroes never get the fame, fortune or love they were fighting for during their journey. In fact, some of the protagonists of these emotional anime earn an unfortunate and tragic fate, which result in a bittersweet ending and fans’ overflowing emotions.

It is not a shame to admit if you cried for some of these protagonists, as that’s what makes anime so unique. Read on to find out which anime made Japanese fans the most emotional according to Goo Ranking‘s list.

Read on to find out the 20 emotional anime series Japanese fans shed tears for!

20. Darker than Black

19. Grave of the Fireflies

18. Chrono Crusade

17. Death Note

16. Dangaioh