The 30 Cutest Anime Couples Ever

#2 melts hearts instantly!

Anime couples are essential ingredients of a good romance drama, rom-com, or even shounen anime, who make our hearts melt and get us emotional by some tear-jerking moments. Those well-known “Awww!” moments of the interplays in their relationships and the slowly built up chemistry between them are favorite tools in the arsenal of creators in both manga and anime that gives them that unique human side that is many times missing from western romance movies.

Good stories are what we strive for, and admittedly anime has given fans countless great anime couples and lovely plots that keep them getting back for more. Schoolgirls in love with their senpai, the forbidden love of old dramas, a sudden first-sight love, or the complicated romance of heroes and heroines as chemistry turn their friendship into something more, are all present as different types of relationships in the favorite titles. Sometimes the characters even hate each other, and this dislike turns into romantic feelings all of a sudden!

Fans love to ship their favorite anime couples, which means they match characters, imagining their romance and even create fan artworks of them together. However, in the original story of the series, their romantic relationship doesn’t exist. Also, we haven’t mentioned the concept of support couples who are usually the friends of the main characters, and while they help them get closer to each other, inevitably a relationship develops between them as well. They stay out of the spotlight, but their role is still vital for the overall plot.

In this list, we’ve compiled the 30 most adorable anime couples of all time in which most are actual relationships, while some are just ships.

Read on to find out who are the 30 cutest anime couples ever!

30. Tadaomi Karasuma & Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)

29. Banri Tada & Kouko Kaga (Golden Time)

28. Simon & Nia Teppelin (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

27. Umetarou Nozaki & Chiyo Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)

26. Shinra Kishitani & Celty Sturluson (Durarara!!)