5 Anime Villains We Love, but Should We?

Sometimes it feels good to be bad!

As there are day and night, good and bad collide in never-ending battles, which is one the most popular plots of all time and anime is not an exception. Heroes can’t be made who they are without a villain to oppose them, and it is a dirty work for sure.

Poor anime villains, you have such an ungrateful role! Still, sometimes they are so charismatic that despite their negative characteristic, they end up being the in the center of attention overshadowing even the protagonist of the story. Don’t feel guilty for cheering for these five anime villains as sometimes it feels good to be bad!  

5. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)

Esdeath has no sympathy for weaklings, and she thinks innocents are just the burden of society and should be eradicated. She is so powerful that she could take control of a whole country, but her only goal is to torture the weak, without even feeling sympathy for women or children. Therefore she accepts to work for the Empire as the leader of her deadly troops.

Though she is a maniac and a mass murderer, fans might see her as a blushing girl with a sleek body and charming smile who ended up the way she is due to the way she was raised.