15 Extremely Delectable Anime Food GIFs

Don’t watch these food porn animations on an empty stomach!

The enjoyment of delicious food and eating, in general, is an integral part of human life. Culinary is a unique art form that can pamper all of our senses at the same time. Anime food is no stranger to this phenomenon, and while it is not capable of treating your taste buds and nose with flavors and scents of spices, the studios bring out everything in their arsenal when it comes to visual appeal.

There are quite a few anime that are even centered around food and are claiming the title “food porn anime.” Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma, Koufuku Graffiti, or Yakitate!! Japan are just a couple of examples from the excellent titles available.

In this list, we’ve collected some of the most mouth-watering food GIFs the anime industry created. Take a look at them, but be warned, whatever you do, don’t watch these food porn animations on an empty stomach!

1. These oily noodles and juicy meat are just appetizers

2. You can almost feel how your fork sinks into the fluffy cream

3. Even without sound, the sizzling bacon and egg gets you in morning mood

4. The moment when you know, it’s time to dig in!

5. Hot pots are the best (or at least better than most things in life)!