The 10 Laziest Badass Anime Characters


Most of the anime characters are full of energy and can (sometimes literally) move mountains with their dedication and effort towards their goals. However, there are some characters the total opposite. They are lazy, listless figures who try to consume the least amount of energy on boring daily tasks and chores. But don’t let their shown personality fool you as secretly they are real badasses saving the world and standing up for the ones and things they care about the most, including risking their lives for them. Check out these two-faced heroes of the anime world.

10Sakata Gintoki – Gintama

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Sakata Gintoki is basically one of the laziest dudes in the whole wide anime world. His daily routine includes picking his nose and reading the latest jump issue, the only thing he takes the effort to ride his scooter to the closest mall for. He loves booze, fine women and gambling, but most of all the peace of his apartment. This laid back personality is only the cover though as he rises to make justice by his wooden samurai sword every time peace is disturbed or his friends are in danger.