The Fifth Element Gets Reimagined as Anime

Artist Ahriman reimagines the French cult sci-fi movie's most memorable scenes in epic '90s anime style.

Luc Besson’s Fifth Element is a cult movie classic. The art direction, costumes and the whole feel of the masterpiece radiate that late ’90s sci-fi atmosphere, which glued many of us to the big screen. It was a huge hit when it opened in 1997 with action flick superstars like Mila Jovovich, Bruce Wills and great comedians such as Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker.

That is why it is something special when we see the reimagination of a great sci-fi movie like The Fifth Element as an anime. Thanks to Ahriman a couple of the movie’s best scenes got the anime makeover with a late ’90s art style that delivers perfectly the mood of the original.

As there are many rumors and announcements on action movie adaptations, like the upcoming Batman anime, Ahriman’s artworks make us drool on the thought of seeing an anime remake of Besson’s sci-fi classic.

The emotions of the characters in these memorable moments, the facial expressions and the outfits, all are in place. We have enjoyed discovering the beautiful little details on each of these artworks and loved to imagine them as moving animations.

How great would it be to see the famous taxi-chase scene or the gunfight in the hall of the space-yacht with the Mangalore (which were extremely hard to film according to Besson)? Also, Chris Tucker’s over-the-top reactions!

Also, Leeloo’s memorable outfit and clueless comments on the happenings around her.

As anime has the unique magical power to introduce new generations to classics over and over again, we would love to have this title reimagined. How about you?

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