Danmachi fans can rejoice as their favorites are going to return with not just one but two titles to the screens. Hestia and Bell are not only getting a second season, but also a theatrical movie according to the announcements at GA Bunko 2918 Happyou Stage.

There are not many details regarding the plot or the number and length of the episodes, but the series is going to pick up the line where it was left off in the manga, while the Arrow of the Orion movie will have an original story written by series creator Fujino Omori.

Danmachi is a fantasy story in a world centered around a mysterious dungeon of many levels. Bell, the young adventurer, starts off with a handicap as not having any particular powers useful for adventurers and gets almost killed. However, he gets saved by a mysterious girl with golden hair. To improve his skills, he joins the guild of Hestia, the strange and cute goddess and soon it turns out his greatest feat is the ability to learn exceptionally fast. With his stone-hard determination, he sets on a path to reach new heights and match the strength of his savior one day.

While no sources confirmed if J.C. Staff will return for the project, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Bell Cranel and Inori Minase as Hestia will reprise their roles.

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