8 Hollywood Movies That Drew Inspiration From Anime


Have you ever had a feeling that you might have seen the plot of a blockbuster in an anime before? Did you even recognize some of your favorite series hidden in the plot of these movies? Well, no surprise that anime serves as an inspiration for generations of Hollywood directors. Even 80s anime had the capabilities of telling stories of fantasy or sci-fi that both technology and western movie trends were not capable of. These 10 anime found their ways into the scripts of the Dream Factory, therefore they deserve to be known as inspirations.

8Inception – Paprika

Entering the mind and dreams of people is a long existing concept, but most movie fans would think it was Inception, which came up with the idea of letting people enter modify and alter other’s dream. However, also admitted by Christopher Nolan himself, his movie was based on Satoshi Kon’s last masterpiece: Paprika. There were even rumours for a while that Paprika gets a western movie adaptation, but the idea was scrapped with Inception’s release. Nolan considers himself a huge fan of anime and was even referring of adopting the story of Akira.


Short Pitch:

Paprika’s story revolves around the deep psyche and dreams of people. Thanks to a device called the Mini DC their mind can be entered by psychologists, to help them overcoming their fears, mental illnesses and traumas. As impressive and groundbreaking it sounds as modern human medicine, this technology comes with great responsibility as well. As expected, the device gets into the wrong hands. Atsuko Chiba and Kosaku Tokita, the protagonists of the story and the scientists, who developed the Mini DC needs to find the culprit behind the strange and dangerous events tied to their invention.