15 Nerdy Anime Characters You’ll Love


Though most people would think nerdy characters are only the laughing stock of cool guys and the target of jokes about their enthusiasm for what they are passionate about, actually it is the other way around. Nerdy anime characters are adorable and fun, also many times are extremely popular and intelligent. These 15 characters are especially popular and fans can’t get enough of them. Go nerdies, we love you!

15Nagi Sanzenin – Hayate the Combat Butler

Nagi Sanzenin is the sole heir of the vast sum of money piling on the bank account of the Sanzenin corporation. She is not just a rich girl, but extremely, unrealistically rich girl, basically the epitome of richness. She is spending on luxury food like an evening shopping at a supermarket.

By having this wealthy family background, it is no surprise that Nagi became spoiled and socially awkward, and therefore has a hard time confess her true feelings to Hayate, the protagonist of the show.

She is not just a tsundere, but a hikikomori princess at the same time. Extremely intelligent – as she has skipped 3 grades easily – and living the nerdy life of otakus.