10 of the Best Adult Anime of All Time


Anime had a long way to go to become popular in Western countries. It was easier with children-safe series that became more popular in the 90’s as they were not so disrupting, though some of them due to the flashing visual effects were also considered not safe for kids (remember those Dragon Ball scenes?). Then in the late 90’s content for grown up and adults started to become popular as well, due to the fact that Western cartoons took a totally different approach and they were lacking gore and violence, or sexuality. These features were represented only in movies that made animes a fresh and interesting alternative for a core audience. As movie-making technologies were far less advanced in that time as now, animes could sometimes present that they were even not capable of. Diopsian future, forgotten lands of fantasy realms with mysteries and action revisited in many blockbuster movies a decade later. Anime turned out to be a medium capable of being varied and truly unique that is more popular now than ever. Take a look at some of the best adult animes that was even shaping the movie industry of today!

Note: As out terminology ‘adult’ means the anime that is excessively gory, or features explicit themes that would make them unsuitable for children.


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Featuring a special art style, Kemonozume is a stylish anime that is both disturbing and trippy at the same time. The plot is about the Shokujinki, the cannibalistic creatures fighting against the Kifuuken, known as beast-hunters. The protagonist, Toshihiko Momota is a swordsman from the hunters, who falls in love with the enemy when he sets his eyes on the beautiful Shokujinki woman, Yuka.