10 Anime Characters Fueled by Vengeance


The concept of revenge is not strange to anime plots and there are many characters who have an appetite of this dish that as they say is best served cold. Take a look at the list of 10 characters, who have their reasons for getting revenge, for betrayal, murder of a family member, humiliation and so on. They walk the path of sweet revenge, but the question is if they will find peace and satisfaction if or once they get it.

10Guts – Berserk

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Guts is the guy who has seen more terror and pain than many other badass medieval anime heroes combined. He has basically experienced hell itself literally. Being a soldier and getting involved in the bloody business of war from a young age he almost loses the hope to have real comrades and friends, but feels saved when he joins the band of brothers lead by Griffith. Soon he finds himself and his comrades betrayed by the same man he looked up to and seeks constant revenge for them ever after.