15 Anime Better Than the Manga According to Fans


Though in general the adaptation usually falls short compared to the original work, be it a book turned into a movie or a video game, and it is a similar case even with anime. However, some rough diamonds can turn into true sparkling gems, and that is true for some anime as well. These adaptations earned the “must watch” status through the years and elevated past their source materials.

15The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Makoto Konno is in the doorstep of her high school graduation, but still she has not decided what should she do with her life. Trying to avoid to make the tough decision and killing time with her friends instead of that, she tries not to face the inevitable. However, her life takes a 180 degrees turn when she discovers her supernatural power of actually leaping through time. Great powers come with great responsibilities as they say, and Makoto needs to learn soon that causing a ripple can result in great waves shaking the future and time is way more complicated than it actually seems.